File a Claim

If you have property that has been damaged, or a theft has occurred, please contact your agent or contact our office at (816) 776-3457 during normal business hours.

Contact your Agent

Use our agent locator to find your agent’s contact information. Take necessary steps to protect the property from any further damage. Make temporary repairs if needed and save any receipts and documents related to those repairs. If a crime has occurred, please contact your local law enforcement.

Contact our Office

If your agent is unavailable, give our main office a call at (816) 776-3457.

Contact our 24-hour Line

If your agent is unavailable and it’s after business hours, you can reach someone at (877) 538-0262.

Prior to a property loss or theft, it is good idea to have a written or video inventory of your personal property stored in a safe place, like a fire-proof lock box, personal safe, or a safe deposit box.

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